What NOT to say to a new mum

In the days and weeks following my babies' births, I had expected that people would be sensitive to the fact that I was tired, emotional and hormonal, and handle me with care. I could not have been more wrong! 
Here are some of the gems that people have actually said to me days after having a baby:
"She looks like she’s got another one in there"
This was said by my Dad, of all people, 24 hours after having my baby! I had been telling him and his girlfriend about Baby J's amazing birth. His girlfriend said, "you don't look like you've just had a baby." By this, she meant I looked well. My Dad piped up, "yeah, she looks like she's got another one in there." Ouch.
"Oh, gosh, your belly is still big!"
Thank you, dear friend of mine, for pointing that out. It'll take a bit longer than 36 hours to get my pre-pregnancy figure back, y'know.
"Wow, look at his squashed head"
Well, duh, his head was squeezed out of my vagina 36 hours earlier! This was from the same friend who made the big belly comment. She pointed out my belly then immediately commented on my son's head. I was floored.
"Is she having another baby?"
This was said by my 7 year old stepson, whilst pointing at my belly. Enough with the belly comments, people!
"Are you okay? You look tired"
You might think this is well-meant comment, but I'd actually slept well, spent time doing my make-up and thought I looked quite nice on that occasion. So it was a bit of a blow to be told I looked tired. And even if I did look tired, don't point it out!
So next time you visit a new mum, if you're not sure what to say, at least you know what NOT to say!


  1. People can be such asses sometimes! I haven't got comments regarding appearance but I've had ones about the house looking messy, or whether I knew what I was doing with the baby...I even had one person who was asking me (whilst I was in extreme pain recovering and feeling extremely emotional) if I had bothered to read through some paper work for her she'd handed me earlier in the day!? I don't get people!

    1. It's so rude, I can't believe someone asked you if you knew what you were doing with your baby! Mental! x

  2. haha some people have no tact! Thanks for sharing and hope all going well with the new baby x

  3. Oh dear!!!
    I remember those types of comments well, not looking forward to them again!



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