REVIEW: Surcare Laundry Sachets

As a mum to a eczema-prone toddler and a new baby due in a matter of weeks, finding laundry products suitable for sensitive skin has been a bit of a minefield. I was delighted to be able to test out new Surcare Laundry Sachets, little pillows of non-biological laundry detergent which promise to get your clothes clean without irritating sensitive skin, even at temperatures as low as 30°C.

Surcare Laundry Sachets sensitive

Containing no dyes, enzymes or acids, Surcare products have nothing in to irritate skin – perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin. Surcare laundry products are non biological, completely fragrance free and dermatologically tested and approved. I’ve been using Surcare Laundry Sachets instead of my usual detergent for all of our household’s laundry over the last week and have been very impressed with the results. Even at 30°C and on a quick wash cycle our clothes have come out clean, stain-free, soft and smelling fresh.

Trying a new detergent does make me panic a little in case it causes Little N’s eczema to flare up however he has suffered no irritation at all whilst we’ve used these sachets and I have even felt confident enough to use them to wash the new baby’s things. I’ve tried them on clothes, towels, bedding, you name it! The sachets are also hugely convenient as they are simply placed in the drum before adding the clothes; no need for measuring or scooping, thus making my life a little easier.

Surcare Laundry Sachets
Surcare Laundry Sachets come in packs of 10 and are available at most supermarkets costing £3.99. For more information check out the Surcare website here:

Surcare are also searching for people to become part of their testing panel! They will send Surcare products to test and review, as well as asking for feedback on new product development. To apply to be part of the panel all you need to do is email


Disclosure: I received this product for free for review, however all thoughts and opinion remain my own.


  1. Sounds wonderful. it'll be useful for me and my son, xoxo.

  2. This seems great and handy for controlling eczema. My niece had really (and I mean really) bad eczema so I know how hard it is trying to control it. Luckily we were given a number of a doctor that makes his own cream and thank god her eczema has completely gone!

    1. Eczema is awful, just when you think it's under control it flares up again :( So glad your niece found a solution x

  3. Nice, haven't see this product yet. a must try for my sensitive skin too :( thanks of sharing! xx

    1. Sorry to hear you have sensitive skin too, such a pain x


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