37 Weeks of Bump

37 weeks pregnant

The baby is now the size of a pumpkin which is just crazy! It is roughly 18-20 inches long and weighs around 6.2-9.2lb. The baby is still head down and still 2/5 palpable, meaning 3/5 of the baby’s head is engaged. This baby is choosing to lie with its back on my right side and limbs all over to the left, which is the opposite of what Little N did. Being head down is the most important thing so it’s all positive news!

I still haven’t made any progress since I updated you all at 32 weeks, I’m just so busy with Little N! I do need to just sit down and write a list (or several lists) of what I still need to do. One of the main things is to sort my hospital bag out. I have been doing some batch cooking so the freezer is getting stocked up. That’s something! The iron tablets I was prescribed have really made a difference to how I feel; I no longer feel sluggish and exhausted all the time.

I had an appointment with the birth planning midwife last week so now have a birth plan in place. I’ll be giving birth at consultant-led unit at the hospital and will have use of the pool, if it’s free, and they have agreed to use the cordless monitors so that I won’t feel strapped to the bed like I was during Little N’s birth.

My community midwife has been brilliant and has got me an expressing kit so I can express and freeze colostrum ahead of baby’s due date. For those of you that read about my experiences when Little N was born we had some trouble feeding so this time I want to be prepared with a stash, just in case.

37 weeks down, 3 weeks to go!


  1. Not long to go now(how mant times have you heard that one, Sian;), glad you've got a supportive midwife!
    Wishing you well & extra pairs of hands:) X

    1. I say it myself so frequently! :) Thank you x

  2. Looking fab Sian! I've never heard of a birth planning midwife, how come you are a consultant led unit? I also had terrible feeding problems but hadn't considered freezing colostrum. Will you use a breast pump? Would be really interested to know xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm consultant-led because of the previous c-section and got referred to the birth planning midwife because my midwife freaked out that I am going "off piste" as I don't want CFM :) I didn't know about freezing colostrum last time round, fingers crossed all will be fine with feeding this time but it gives me comfort to know I have a little stash as a back up plan. I do have a breast pump for use after birth but will just see how it goes, I pumped quite a lot for N but he never took to bottles so it got wasted! x


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