Moa The Green Balm Daily Cleansing Ritual

I recently showed you what daily facial skincare products I am currently using. One of those products was Moa The Green Balm, a multi-purpose balm that I am using as a cleanser. It forms part of this Moa Daily Cleansing Ritual containing a bamboo face cloth and a 50ml pot of The Green Balm.

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Made entirely from natural ingredients this balm has so many uses. It soothes dry skin, calms burns and bites, works as a lip balm, can be gargled with hot water to aid a sore throat, can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment on your hair, moisturise your cuticles - the list is endless!

I’ve been using it simply as a hot cloth cleanser. The Daily Cleansing Ritual comes with a face cloth made out of luxuriously soft bamboo material. I take a blob of balm, warm it between my palms and then massage it all over my face. It has an unusual smell, it smells faintly like petrol if I’m completely honest! It’s not offensive though, just unexpected.

The instructions for use mention melting it between fingertips to create an oil but it never turns oily for me, it stays as quite a greasy feeling balm. I always feel like I need to wash my hands with soap before making a start with the cloth! The cleansing cloth isn’t the best; as the balm is quite greasy you need a cloth with quite good grip and this bamboo cloth just doesn’t cut it. A flannel or muslin cloth works much better. Bamboo is also such an absorbent material that it feels so heavy with water!

Aside from my issues with the cloth and the greasiness of the balm, it does make a really good cleanser. It gets pretty much all of my make-up off including my (non-waterproof) mascara, I rarely need to use a separate eye make-up remover and it leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I think that the cloth could be better, especially when it effectively costs £5.00. That’s a lot for a face cloth!

Moa The Green Balm is £9.99 for 50ml and the Daily Cleansing Ritual contains a 50ml pot of The Green Balm and a bamboo face cloth for £14.99. Both can be bought here

What cleanser are you using?




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  1. I really like this product and for me the cloth was perfect, like you I used it as a hot cloth cleanser too x

  2. great photos!! :)

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  3. I have a little sample of this and I've never tried it - thank you for reminding me!

    Jennie xo |

  4. I absolutely love the green balm! I discovered it in Glossy Box last year and its become a staple product! :)

    Sparkles &



  5. Nice! I love balm cleansers but what a shame about the cloth... I'd love to try it. x

    1. Just get the balm if you do, don't worry about the cloth! xx

  6. This certainly sounds interesting - so many uses?! Shame about the cloth though, puts me off getting it :) xx

  7. The packaging of this product is really lovely and greasiness aside it sounds really good, love that its natural! xx

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