Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

I posted the other day about some Lush goodies that the Mister brought back from his trip to France last week. One of the lovely products he got me was the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb, known as L’oeuf du dragon in France. I tried it yesterday and, ooohh, it was lovely. Look what happened to my bath!

Lush Dragons Eggs Bath Bomb Ballistic Review
Lush Dragons Eggs Bath Bomb Ballistic Review 2
Lush Dragons Eggs Bath Bomb Ballistic Review 3
Lush Dragons Eggs Bath Bomb Ballistic Review 4

The white bath bomb is huge, you could crack it half and make it last for two baths but I was feeling sorry for myself (I’ve been poorly) so thought I’d treat myself and chucked the whole thing in.

As you can see from the photo it has lots of coloured confetti in it. The bath bomb starts fizzing and producing a lot of white foam as it disperses the confetti; sadly the confetti melts straight away which is a shame as I think it would look quite pretty if it didn’t!

After a minute or so the foam starts to turn peach, then masses of orange colour explodes out of it turning the bath water orange too. Finally, with the crackling sound of popping candy, golden glitter is released leaving a big shimmering swirl in the bath water. 

This scrummy bath bomb is scented with lemon oil and jasmine, which to me ends up smelling like sticky oranges with a floral hint. It smells divine, so lovely that I didn’t bother using body lotion or perfume afterwards as I didn’t want to taint it!

Lush Dragon’s Egg costs £3.20 and you can get at least two baths out of it if you wanted. I know some people think Lush bath bombs are expensive; if you were to use them every day then yes I suppose they would be but I tend to consider them treats and save them for when I feel like pampering myself. I always ask for Lush products at Christmas and birthdays!

What do you think of this bath bomb? Don't forget to enter my beauty box giveaway, it ends tomorrow!



  1. I love bath bombs! this looks wonderful!! :)

  2. i love them and yes they are a treat but plenty of people waste money on weird things they never use so at least this works!

  3. I love what this does to the water, looks fab! :)

    Fiona @

  4. Aw this look ace! I never get to Lush as live in the back of beyond, but I know what I'll be buying when I do! :) Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World xx

  5. I have seen so many people rave about this particular bath bomb. Love the colour and the scent sounds so divine too.


  6. Wish I had a lush store near me, all the bits and pieces always sound so great! Need to check them out

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  7. This is my favourite Lush bath bomb x


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