90 Day Spending Ban - Update #1

I'm 7 days into my 90 Day Spending Ban and despite finishing up quite a few products I'm proud to say I have not bought a single hair, make-up or beauty product. As per the simple rule I set myself, I cannot buy something new if I have that type of product already in my stash.

I raided my cupboards and in the last 7 days I have started using a Simple Facial Wash, a Soap & Glory Eye Maintenance Eye Cream, a Comfort Zone Recovery serum and night cream, and a half-finished bottle of Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume.

A quick tally of what these products would have cost me shows I have saved a whopping £36.23 in the last 7 days alone! Amazing!

How are you getting on with your spending bans?



  1. Its amazing what you come across in your stash that you forgot you had. I am trying to have a rummage once a week to rotate my products to give some unloved ones a second chance.
    You're doing well on your ban, not sure id be as successful

    1. I should do that too after the spending ban is over xx

  2. caved in and bought a clarins toner this weekend...

  3. Thats awesome that you worked out how much money you would have saved! Keep up the good work :)


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