Face Mask Fail

I got this I Love… Coconut Face Mask in the September beauty box from Joliebox. I wasn’t particularly enthralled by the look of it so it has sat in my bathroom for a while waiting to be used. Earlier this week while my baby was having a nap I decided to have a quick pamper and use this peel-off face mask which is meant to moisturise and revive the skin.

I Love Cosmetics Coconut face mask

As soon as I opened the packet I was immediately put off by the smell. It had a really strong coconut scent which wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t accompanied by an overpowering scent of alcohol. It smelt like Malibu, the alcoholic drink, and made me feel quite sick to be honest. Regardless of this, I thought I might as well use the mask as I had now opened it, and figured that the smell would wear off now the air had hit it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t even use the mask! I squeezed the contents of the packet into my hand and it was was just a gelatinous blob. There was no way I could apply this to my face, it was semi-solid! I tried warming it in my hands thinking it might loosen it a little but it was just so gloopy. I gave up trying and washed it down the sink, praying that it wouldn’t block the plughole!

I love coconut face mask

Now I know I have had this mask since September but there was nothing to suggest that there would be any issues with not using it for a little while. I have other products that have sat on my shelf for much longer with no problems. I didn’t notice anything on the packet to suggest that I should use this mask immediately or that it would congeal if left for a while. If it has a shelf-life then it really needs to clearly say so on the packet (much like Lush do with their fresh face masks).

I certainly won’t be buying any other masks from this brand in the near (or far!) future.

Have you ever had a face mask fail?



  1. It's such a shame as I love there shower gels I definitaly won't be trying these. I do weekly Friday face mask posts feel free to check them out coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Oh dear, looks like egg yolk! Mind you that might be better for your skin...I will pass if I see that in the chemist...

  3. It looks really weird... >.<

  4. That happened with mine too - there was no way I was putting that gloop on my face! x

  5. Ugh, it looks horrible! I don't blame you for washing it down the sink, I would have done the same!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Such a waste but I could not put that on my face :/ xx

  6. Oh no! How awful! I find some masks such a faff but this one takes the biscuit!!!xx

  7. Gah! Shocker! Sorry you had to wash it away!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  8. aah, that looks so horrible! shame it went like that

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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