Meet Dilly

For the last decade I have really, really, reeeeally wanted a dog. A Border Terrier to be specific. A little brown beardy dog. We often talked about getting a pup, but knew we would have to wait until the children were older. Well, finally, knowing that my youngest would be starting school this year and that I would have enough time and attention to dedicate to a puppy, look who came to join our family in August!

Dilly was just shy of 10 weeks old when we brought her home and now she is four months old. She has been growing so fast! And learning quickly. Though, I feel she has the same selective hearing that my children have. She has settled in beautifully and the children all adore her, and she them. She desperately wants to play with Bella, our cat, who of course is having absolutely none of it! I doubt they will ever be the best of friends, rather happy housemates. Anyway, isn't Dilly lovely!

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