A Rant About World Book Day

Essie was having a snooze so I thought I'd scroll through the #worldbookday tag to see all the cute costumes. And lo and behold, I've come across the posts from people MOANING about modern parents.


Saying mums (why is it always "mums" getting moaned about btw?) should make their costumes instead of buying them off the shelf. That children have dressed up as characters that aren't from books. That they didn't have World Book Day in their day. That it's just an excuse to have a dress up day.

For a start, most mums work! The last few years I made my children's costumes only because I had the TIME and the SKILLS (lol debatable) to do so. Last year, I didn't have the skills to make the boys' chosen characters so I bought them. 

The last I read, 74% of mums work. Would you really have the time, as well as the skills, to go to work, run your house, take care of your kids AND make a costume? Hats off to you if you do, and please tell me your secrets, but it's no drama to buy a costume if you don't. And some people buy theirs for no other reason than they WANT to.

Those kids dressed up as characters that dont meet your approval, does it really matter? Maybe those parents didn't have time or money to make or find something else so used an existing costume. Or maybe that is just what their child wanted to wear! Dressing up is just one way of celebrating World Book Day but it isn't what the day is actually about. That little boy or girl is taking part, and they're happy!

World Book Day started 23 years so yes it probably didn't exist in your day, it didn't exist in mine either. But it has still been around for a bloody long time and isn't just some new fad. It is an important day for many reasons.

It celebrates books, authors, illustrators and reading. But it also encourages kids who struggle with reading. It inspires kids to read more than usual. For some, it gives them the chance get their first ever book. 

Books are SO important; reading is a vital skill, it expands the mind and develops imagination! So yeah, it's much, much more than just a dress up day.

What do you think about World Book Day? Share your thoughts here!

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