Baby Loves: TotsBots new Playtime Print Range

Cloth nappies. Oh how I love them! And if you're a regular reader or follow me on Instagram you'll already know this, as I LOVE snapping shots of my cloth bummed babies! I've used reusable nappies with all three of my children, and actually TotsBots were the very first brand I ever bought, over five years ago when pregnant with my eldest son. TotsBots got in touch a few weeks ago to let me know about their newest collection of prints and to ask if I'd like a sneak peek ahead of the launch. Being the big cloth nappy fan that I am of course I had to say yes!

Over the years TotsBots have released several collections of fun and bright prints that mirror the journey of childhood. The fifth in the series is their second Playtime range, which has launched today! There are five new nappies in this collection: Rainbeau, Pippin, Doodlebum, Chatterbots and Ride n Shine. Can you work out which one is which?

TotsBots sent Essie some Easyfit nappies in each of the new prints; Easyfits being their one piece birth-to-potty nappy. It has a fold out, absorbent bamboo fabric core with a waterproof outer. You adjust the size of the nappy using the poppers on the front so the nappy should fit from 8lbs to 35lbs, and they have hook and loop tabs so they go on pretty much like a disposable. The design has changed a lot over the years and one of the big differences now is that the nappy has stitch-free seams to stop leaks. Clever! 

The new Playtime prints are super cute and brought about such feelings of nostalgia. The Chatterbots print is my favourite from the new collection, as I had a Fisher-Price phone when I was little and it was my absolute favourite toy! My children have a toy phone now as well, and although the design has changed a little over the last 30 or so years, it's still instantly recognisable as the classic toy that we all had growing up!

If you want to get your hands on these new TotsBots Playtime prints they are available to buy now and are available in the following products:

Easyfit - £17.99
Teenyfit - £11.99
PeeNut (with pads) - £17.99
PeeNut Wrap - £12.99

Which new TotsBots print is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 

With thanks to TotsBots for sending us these gorgeous nappies!

Essie's lemon vest was purchased from (affiliate link) Sainsburys and her Stormy Clouds jumper dress was purchased from Ted Wears Organic.

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  1. I adore the Easyfit Stars, we have around 15 in our stash and these prints are too beautiful. I am so sad we are so close to potty training because I can't buy anymore fluff! Essie is gorgeous too :) Xx


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