REVIEW: Fisher-Price Charisma Trike

Baby J has got a new set of wheels: the very cool Fisher-Price Charisma Trike. It’s a unique 3 in 1 tricycle that manoeuvres like a stroller. It’s suitable for ages 10-36 months and has three stages so it grows with the child, going from parent-controlled Touch Steering to an independent trike that he will eventually be able to pedal himself.

fisher-price trike review

The Fisher-Price Charisma Trike* (£74.99) has lightweight steering and moves just like a stroller does. From 10 months the child can sit in the high-backed seat and put their feet on the footrest, while the parent takes control. The padded seat can be reclined so that little ones are completely comfortable and it has straps for safety.

The front wheel has a clever switch to change it from parent steering to child ride-control. At 24 months when children are starting to learn how to pedal you can switch the wheel to give them control, whilst still using the parent handle to help guide them.

The front wheel also has a safety clutch which at the moment is pushed out. At about 30 months when the child is ready to ride their trike independently, the clutch can be pushed in and the parent handle removed to give them complete control!

fisher price trike charisma review

When I opened the box when our Fisher-Price Charisma Trike arrived I had a small heart attack at all the parts. Once I had looked a the instructions I breathed a sigh of a relief as it is actually really straightforward to put together. Most of the parts click together and there are a few bolts and screws to secure it all together. It took me about half an hour to put together, but only because the boys were “helping”. Without them, I would have been able to do it in about 10 minutes!

fisher-price charisma trike review

We have been taking the trike out for trips to our local park and J, who is now 14 months old, has been really enjoying the ride. It’s quite an exciting adventure for him as he loves ride-on toys and this trike is so grown up! It must make a great change from being in a pushchair. I love the white chassis, it looks really smart and the coordinating red parts are fun and bright.

fisherprice charisma trike review

The seat of the trike has a high back to give lots of support and is padded for J’s comfort. The 3-point harness buckles securely for safety and has padded chest straps which match perfectly with the seat cover. There are chunky, textured rubber handles for J to hold onto while were riding along and, in time, use to steer his trike.

fisherprice trike review 
The wheels of the Fisher-Price Charisma Trike are made from chunky dual component rubber and combined with the built-in suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The wheel at the front is large and swivels easily when in parent-steering mode to make a breeze out of manoeuvring around tight corners. The little switch that you can see on the top of the mud guard is used to turn the trike from parent-steering to child-ride control. I had a small issue with the hubcaps on the back wheels falling off as we were walking along, so take time to make sure you’ve clicked them in properly!

fisher price charisma trike review

I really love that there are a couple of storage solutions on this trike. There is a little box at the back of the trike, with a lid that simply lifts up. It’s ideal for transporting little toys that the boys want to bring out with them, and would have been perfect during the summer when we were foraging for berries! There is also a coordinating bag attached to the parent handle which I use to store my keys and my phone. I could easily store a lot more as it’s a really decent size.

fisher price trike review

At the back of the seat is a canopy which is red with a patterned trim to match the seat padding. The canopy is adjustable and would be good to protect J from light rain as well as providing some shade from the sun. Another small touch I like is the drink holder in the front of the seat. It’s also a good space for storing a snack or hoarding some toys!

fisherprice trike charisma review

The only downside to this trike is that it doesn’t have a brake, so I have to be careful to stop on a flat surface otherwise it will roll away. Apart from that I think it is pretty awesome and the boys absolutely love it. It’s a great alternative to a pushchair for when we are walking somewhere close to home like the park or toddler group and would make a brilliant Christmas present. Pop over to read more or purchase the Fisher-Price Trike.

Fox hat – Joules
Christmas onesie – Little Blue House by Hatley
Micro trainers – Bobux

Does your little one have a trike?

*I was kindly sent the Fisher-Price Charisma Trike to review.


  1. Oo I love it in red! We loved ours too and so funny we both had helpers when putting it together! I was more impressed with the trike than I thought I was going to be. Glad you enjoyed it too!:)

  2. This is a great idea, I love the fact it adapts as the child grows and how much thought they have put into the design. You don't mind spending this money if you know it's going to get a lot of use.

  3. This looks great - Pickle has a similar one and loves it. LOVE the hat - super cute! Kaz x

  4. I really like the look of this. We were debating whether Lia is too old to get much use out of one - she's 18 months - I think perhaps she is but I'm wishing I'd bought one for her in the summer!x

  5. I'm a loyal smartriker but this looks really good actually. fisher price create such good quality things don't they.

  6. This looks great! I love that when they are ready they can have more control while you can still steer a bit if needed. I love the fox hat! xx

  7. Hi, does anyone know how to stop the pedals from free wheeling when using parent handle?. My little girl is twelve months old and loves her trike, but keeps catching her feet in the pedals as I can't stop them from turning. I thought their must be some way to lock them off when pushing her.


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