Making #SmallChanges with Optiwell

Although I eat pretty healthily at mealtimes, I am an awful snacker. I am forever reaching for biscuits or crisps or chocolate, especially if I'm on the go and rushing around after my children. I heard about the Optiwell #SmallChanges challenge and it sounded ideal for someone like me. The challenge was to encourage me to make small changes to my unhealthy snack habits over a 10 day period by swapping them for Optiwell, a brand new yogurt drink with no fat and no added sugar!

Optiwell yogurt drink contains only 64 calories per 200ml serving. It is high in protein and naturally contains calcium making it ideal for helping to maintain bones and muscles. The blend of fat-free yogurt and fruit juices is available in two flavours: strawberry & raspberry and peach & apricot, and comes in 330ml on-the-go bottles as well as 1litre cartons. 

To help me get going on the challenge Optiwell sent me a selection of bottles and cartons of the yogurt drink to enjoy over the 10 day challenge period. They went straight into the fridge to chill before being put through the taste test. Well, if it was going to replace my usual sugary snacks it would have to taste good! 

Optiwell yogurt drink is a light and tasty drink, and the consistency was a lot thinner than I had expected. Usually I find that yogurt drinks are very thick, like milkshakes, but Optiwell is more like milk. It was the perfect companion for my breakfast cereal and made my bran flakes a little more interesting. 

I've also been enjoying Optiwell straight from a glass. I find this is the best way to consume it in order to beat the snack cravings and the on-the-go bottles are perfect for fuss-free drinking. I even experimented with making a fruit smoothie using Optiwell, by adding in a handful of frozen blueberries and giving it a whizz with the blender. It makes for a really zingy and refreshing smoothie, and even Baby J enjoyed a sip!

Optiwell yogurt drink is primarily aimed at the UK and Ireland's 3 million health-conscious women aged between 25 and 40 who are looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to all the unhealthy snacks and drinks currently available. I certainly fit the bill and Optiwell fits in with my hectic lifestyle. It really does hit the spot and tides me over until the next mealtime. You can find Optiwell at major retailers including Tesco and Ocado. 

Have you tried Optiwell yogurt drink?

*This is a collaborative post with Optiwell.


  1. Ooh this looks so good and rear that they do them in easy to drink bottles. I really do need to try and give up some sweet things and have something like this instead x

  2. I definitely like the idea of little changes to make a big difference. And I do like the idea of being able to pour it on cereal.

  3. These yoghurt drinks look fab I'm like u I eat reasonably well when it comes to meals but am a terrible snacker.

  4. These yoghurt drinks look divine I love the sound of this to help me feel fuller for longer. Who knew living a healthy lifestyle could be so good.

  5. I have tried them and do really like them, peach and apricot if my favourite x

  6. I'm like you, reaching for the bad snacks. I'm desperately trying to reduce salt intake so no crisps here. These sound like a great change, i need to get more organised and make little changes x

  7. I've never tried these before but they sound really nice. I may have to pick some up when I go shopping tomorrow :)

    Louise x


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