Baby J is One Month Old

Baby J is one month old. He now weighs 9lb 10oz and is 56cm long.

baby j is one month old

My first month as a mother of two has gone surprisingly well. I was discharged from the hospital two hours after J was born, although we hung about for a couple more hours so we could take our time and enjoy lots of skin-to-skin. We got home around 9pm and ordered a massive Chinese takeaway. It felt very surreal to be eating chow mein while a 6 hour old baby slept next to me!

J has taken to breastfeeding like a pro; he latched on soon after birth and there have been no issues at all. I didn’t need the stash of colostrum that I’d expressed ante-natally after all! I forgot how much of a shock it is the first time your baby latches on; it’s not a horrible feeling, it’s just a bit strange. My milk came in a lot quicker this time round which my midwife had said would probably happen. With Little N it came in on day 4 and this time it came in on day 2. I guess the c-section delayed it last time, along with the breastfeeding difficulties.

I had a first-degree tear during the birth but it seems to have healed well. I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort. Apart from feeling like I had a bruised tailbone the day after the birth, I just didn’t feel like I’d had a baby at all! The total opposite to how I felt after Little N’s birth. J is sleeping a lot, so even though he is feeding a lot at night he just falls straight to sleep after so I’m getting a lot of rest. Recently he has started to cluster feed in the evenings so he must be going through a growth spurt.

J’s first month has been super busy. In order for us to be discharged so quickly it meant that none of his newborn checks were done at the hospital, so we have had an extra visit from the community midwives as well as having to visit a health centre in the next town to get them done. I asked the midwife to come out a further time because J’s eyes got really gunky. We’ve also registered his birth and made him official.

Little N came home from my Dad’s the day after the birth. He has been the most amazing big brother. I am SO proud of him. He immediately wanted to hold J and cuddle and kiss him. He is so gentle and tender and wants to help. I am so lucky that they have a great bond already.

My Dad has wanted to visit A LOT. To the point that I haven’t really been able to see anyone else because my Dad is always here and it would just be too much to have other people over as well. Aside from my Dad, we’ve seen Ian’s parents, Ian’s sister and one of my friends. Hopefully J will get to meet other friends and family members soon, if my Dad lets them get a look in!

I’ve been really aware that Little N’s whole world has been turned upside down, so I have been keen to resume our regular activities as soon as possible. We ventured back out to our toddler groups when J was 6 days old, the day that Ian went back to work. That raised a lot of eyebrows from other mums who thought I was mad to be out so soon. I think I have still been riding the hormone high because I have had bags of energy! I’m hoping it will last, but I know that’s probably wishful thinking!

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  1. Aw, aside from a lot of visitors, it sounds as though N is adjusting really well to his little brother x

    1. He is doing so well, very proud of him! x

  2. So happy for you all(you're a natural mother, Sian:-) & what a phew gorgeous photo of you both:-) X

    Cherish this time lovely(they are only small for a short time:) as you are doing the most important 'job' of all(and an excellent one at that:-)! X


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