20 Weeks of Bump

20 weeks pregnant

I think my bump has shrunk compared to last week’s photo. I know bump size and shape can change depending on how the baby is laying but it’s tiny now! The baby is the size of a melon now, I’m guessing galia rather than watermelon at this point. It is about 10.5 inches and weighs about 13 ounces. Gaining weight and fat steadily now! I’m feeling a lot of movements now and they can be felt externally too which is exciting.
I had my 20 week scan yesterday, which is the in depth scan to check for any anomalies in the baby’s structures. From the scan, everything looks as it should do. I find ultrasound scans amazing, it’s incredible the detail that can be seen such as being able to look at the shape of the baby’s lips. It’s crazy to think that we have only been using ultrasounds on humans since the 1980s.

I also had my consultant appointment yesterday and it went really well! I mentioned previously that the community midwife thought the consultant wouldn’t advocate a VBAC due to the type of incision I have. It turns out she was wrong. The lovely doctor had my previous birth notes and went through them thoroughly before concluding that she recommends a VBAC – which is exactly what I want! I could have kissed her, I was so pleased.

I also learnt that Little N had turned during labour and was back-to-back which explains why I was struggling to push. I have absolutely no recollection of being told this, although Ian assures me that the midwife at the time had said it several times! Learning this has alleviated a lot of the guilt I have been carrying since Little N’s birth, we had a really difficult time and I blamed myself a lot. It’s good to know that it wasn’t my fault.


  1. you look gorgeous, sweetie! :) I'm glad everything is going to plan and the good news abot VBAC. looking forward to the next update. xxx

  2. My first was back to back and my husband said exactly the same but I had no idea they had told me that, I was in labour for four days and it was so painful!! Absolutley nothing you could have done, just one of those things. Your bump is looking great too, I'm glad that your getting to try for the birth you want must make you feel better about this birth xx

    1. Weird how we don't remember these things, quite significant things too! I do feel so much more positive now x


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