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Baby N has been giving gNappies a whirl over the past week or so; I’d heard of them before but despite being a “cloth bum mum” I couldn’t get my head around how they worked so I stuck with the other brands I already knew and trusted. I’m so glad we got the chance to try them out because we love them!
gnappies gcloth gnappy gpantgnappy gnappies gpant gcloth

gNappies are a two-part cloth nappy: there are reusable cloth nappy covers called gPants, these have a little waterproof pouch inside which hold your choice of reusable or biodegradable disposable inserts. There are loads of different prints in the range currently, including the awesome Grand Tartan print (below left) and gVeggie (below right) print. The sizes range from Newborn to X-Large (6lbs to 34lbs+).

grand tartan gPantgVeggie


The disposable inserts are biodegradable so can be popped into your compost heap - only the wet ones though, not the dirty ones! We’ve been using the reusable cloth inserts, called gCloths. They have two layers of polyester microfleece and two layers of hemp/cotton. The microfleece is fast-wicking and draws the moisture away from the skin quickly through to the super-absorbent hemp/cotton layers.

Now that Baby N is so much older and more aware of everything he is curious about everything around him. gNappies are different in that they go on “backwards”; the tabs are done up on the back rather than the front so little hands can’t undo them. The velcro on gNappies is also incredibly sticky so even mini Houdinis will have a hard time getting them undone!

gnappy gpant velcro tabs

The waterproof removable pouch within the gPant forms a seal against your baby’s skin and stops any moisture leaking out. It took us a few attempts to get this part right as I stupidly decided to forgo reading the instructions which tell you to make sure the trim of the pouch sits in baby’s leg crease, just like how you and I wear underwear! Once I realised this, we were all good. Having this pouch also makes gNappies one of the best nappies - out of all the cloth and disposable nappies I have tried - when it comes to containing poo explosions.

We change nappies roughly every two hours and that has been the same with gNappies. You can get a bit longer using the disposable inserts, although personally I would still change every two hours as I don’t think it’s great for their skin to be left any longer! Washing is super easy, simply wash at 30 or 40 degrees and then line dry. As the pant and the inserts are so slim, everything dries really quickly which is great.

gnappies christmas 2013 print
gnappy christmas 2013 print
I tried to get some action shots of Baby N in his
gJoy Christmas gNappy but he is so fast at crawling off it was almost impossible!

I’ve been very impressed with our gNappy experience; they are so slim, almost as slim as disposable nappies, so I was a little worried about how absorbent they would be. We had a couple of leaks to begin with until I realised I was doing it wrong but since then I simply can’t fault them. They fit really well, the material is super soft and stretchy and they’re really slim. They’re very absorbent as they are, but being so slim means I can easily put an extra insert in if I know N is ready for a long nap. Using gNappies with the disposable inserts would be ideal for if we go on holiday!

We’ll definitely be looking out for more gNappy prints to add to our collection, I’m looking forward to seeing what this year’s Christmas print looks like! gPants start at £14.95 with packs of inserts starting at £7.95, and can be purchased from the gNappies website, Ocado and various nappy retailers.

Disclosure: I received the gNappy and gCloths for free for review, however all thoughts and opinion remain my own.


  1. They look and sound brilliant, nice ethical product on the marketplace today!


  2. I'm really interested in trying these, but they are pretty expensive :( I LOVE the prints though, this one is just gorgeous!!! x

    1. I find them pretty on par with other brands price-wise, I usually pay between £15-20. I love the stripes! xx

  3. Oooh he's so gorgeous! What a fab idea though! They look so much more comfy than standard nappies and the patterns sound adorable! Look at his cute little feet <3 xxx

    Gemma //

    1. They're lovely and yes baby feet are super cute! xx

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  5. I am so not ready for kids yet, but my gosh he looks absolutely adorable in these, and has practically changed my mind.

    And what a good idea!

    Hmm maybe...


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