Food Friday

My fiancĂ© has decided to jump on the Hello Fresh bandwagon, but he outdid me by getting the 5 meal box for 2 people which costs £49.00 including delivery. All the ingredients plus recipe cards to make 5 delicious meals for 2 people. Guess who ended up cooking most of them! I don’t mind though; I enjoy it and it means I get to share the results with you.

We had a go at cooking the XO Chinese Chicken with Pan-Fried Sweetheart Cabbage. I’ve never attempted cooking Chinese food before as it always looks so complicated or has long list of ingredients, but this was really easy, plus you get every little ingredient already measured out for you.

Hello Fresh XO Chinese Chicken with Stir-Fried Sweetheart Cabbage ingredients

Hello Fresh XO Chinese Chicken with Stir-Fried Sweetheart Cabbage

The recipe tells you to chop up as much of the chilli as you dare, so typical me used the whole thing AND the seeds. My mouth was on fire, but the Mister loved it! I think I’d halve the amount of chilli next time, otherwise it was fab.

If you’d like to try a box for yourself you can use my referral code to get yourself a massive £20 discount: C4MJSY. Just head over to to get started!



  1. This looks delicious! Do you know if you can order as a one off or does it have to be a subscription?

    1. I'm pretty sure you can order one box and then cancel after the first one xx


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