Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

Out of all the bath bombs that Lush make (which I swear used to be called bath ballistics!) my current favourite is Space Girl. It’s shaped to look like Saturn, though as I typed that I thought perhaps it’s meant to look like a flying saucer. It’s a gorgeous lilac colour and covered in glitter. I always try to pick out the one with the most glitter because I love it though I know some people hate the stuff!
Bath bombs are so easy to use, simply drop into your bath and watch it fizz about. I sometimes crack bath bombs in half to get more use out of them especially the bigger ones. This one I tend to use in one go as it’s so much fun! As it fizzes away it turns your bath water a lovely glittery lilac shade and it releases popping candy which makes teeny tiny explosions in water. The first time I ever used it I didn’t realise it had popping candy in it, you can imagine my surprised face!

To me Space Girls smells like a cross between parma violets and berry sweets which is strange when you realise that it’s actually a very citrus bath bomb; Grapefruit oil is the featured ingredient along with Bergamot oil and Almond oil. Weird, it definitely smells more like berries and parma violets to me.

It’s not a particularly moisturising bath bomb despite the almond oil, though it’s not drying either. It’s just a lovely, relaxing product to use which smells great and is a lot of fun. You can buy Space Girl bath bombs for £2.10 each from Lush stores or from their website.
What’s your favourite Lush bath bomb?


  1. oooh i love lush stuff ... their 'The Comforter' bubble bar is amazing :)

    i dont think ive tried this particular bath bomb but i love the smell of parma violets :)


    1. The Comforter is brilliant, especially because you get so many uses out of one bar! xx

  2. I love Space Girl, the scent of it is gorgeous! x

    1. It's so nice, defo my current favourite xx

  3. That looks interesting! Will have to try one sometime. Found your blog through IAlwaysBelievedInFutures, she gave me your blog address xxx

    Will be checking out more blogs so I might be back! Keep up with the great blog posts!


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