Hello Fresh - Meal 3

So far I’ve shown you two out of the three meals that were in my first ever Hello Fresh delivery. Hello Fresh offer a weekly box full of all the fresh ingredients required to make delicious meals from scratch, along with the recipe cards to guide you through it. The service is £39 for a box with three meals for two people, though they have different subscriptions for more meals or to cover more people.

In my Hello Fresh box I had all the ingredients to make Hail Caesar Salad with Roasted Lime and Herb Chicken, Pan-Fried Salmon with Homemade Guacamole and New Potatoes, and Chicken Curry of Champions with Basmati Rice. This is how my Chicken Curry of Champions with Basmati Rice turned out.


Yummy! I love a good curry, it’s my takeaway of choice! I sometimes make curry myself – dhansak is my absolute favourite so I learnt how to make it – but generally I’m too lazy to do it. This curry was so quick and easy! It was quite mild but full of flavour. I have to admit I left out the coriander as I hate the stuff.

I also manage to make cook rice properly for the first time ever! I normally buy “easy cook” rice otherwise my rice always ends up overcooked and gloopy. The trick is to cook on low for 10 minutes then rest off the heat for 10 minutes, but DO NOT remove the lid from the pan until the full 20 minutes are up. Ta-daaa, perfectly cooked rice!

I’m really looking forward to my next Hello Fresh delivery, I’ve decided to get a box once a month. If you want to try out Hello Fresh for yourself please feel free to use my discount code which will get you £20 off your first box! The code is C4MJSY, just pop over to www.hellofresh.co.uk to get going!


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