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I recently wrote about how impressed I was by the Phyto PhytobaumeColour Protect Express Conditioner sample that came in the January Feel Unique Beauty Box. I loved this hair hero so much that I purchased a full-sized bottle of Phyto Phytobaume Hydration Express Conditioner as well as a bottle of Phyto Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo. I absolutely love both of these products!

Phytovolume shampoo 200ml £8.95 & Phytobaume Hydration conditioner 150ml £10.20 from

I have long, fine, uncoloured hair that is thickened with natural extensions – my hair stylist tells me to use a volumising shampoo for body but use a moisturising conditioner to combat heat damage and the dryness that comes with having longer hair.

Phytobaume Hydration Express Conditioner contains jojoba oil, castor oil and angelica seed extract. Much like the Colour Protect version, it’s fantastic. It’s a hydrating conditioner but it’s not at all heavy on my hair, it rinses out easily and cleanly. There’s nothing worse than standing in the shower for ages trying to rinse your hair clean – luckily not a problem with Phyto! I’ve also found that despite having all this hair, I don’t actually need a huge amount of this conditioner; a blob about the size of a ten pence piece is enough. The conditioner has a very subtle fragrance; it reminds me of unscented body lotion. Imagine smelling shea butter from far away; that’s what it’s like.

Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo contains yarrow and tormentil extract to add bounce and chitin extract to help the shaft of the hair retain moisture. It comes in a metal bottle which is quite unusual and rather noisy when you drop it. What I wish I had known before using this shampoo for the first time is how runny it is – look, it’s like water! 

A LOT went down the plug hole the first time I used it. I’ve tried shaking the bottle first to try to thicken it up but that doesn’t really help, so now I’ve got a technique of cupping my hand to pour a little out, rubbing my hands together and then rubbing my hands over my hair. It has this earthy, sweet kind of smell which I’m guessing is from the natural extracts. Don’t expect a load of lather from this shampoo because you won’t get it. I know well enough by now that foam doesn’t equal clean but a lot of people don’t feel clean without lots of bubbles. My hair rinses clean with just one shampoo which is fab because I use quite a bit of product in my hair.

This shampoo and conditioner combination is really working for me; my hair feels so soft, shiny and light since I’ve been using Phyto with absolutely no hint of build-up. It has body and bounce and looks super healthy. I’m definitely going to keep using this shampoo and conditioner – even if the shampoo is a bit annoying to use – and I really want to try out one of the Phyto Day Creams next.

Do you use Phyto? Have you got any tips to make shampooing easier?!


  1. I love the conditioner! Its defo one I'll buy again x

  2. I'm a total geek with shampooing - I have long hair too and it's hard to make sure you a) cover it all and b) get it all out. I now do my hair in the sink before a shower, apply my conditioner and then get in! And I'm ALL about hot oils, they save my long hair! xx

    South Molton St Style

    1. I haven't used hot oils in ages, you're making me want to again though! I used to love those VO5 tube things! x

  3. Quick tip, I use this, and wouldn't be without it for my fine but long hair. I pour it in the cap until 3/4 full and then on top of my head (obvs!) and massage in, this time it won't lather like you said, I then rinse out and repeat process again, this time it will really lather up, promise! You are supposed to leave it on the hair a few mins to work it's magic and voila, much more volumised hair!! Lovely blog, new follower here xxx

    1. Amy that is a bloody fab tip - I have started doing that now and it works! Thank you! xx

  4. great review i have never tried this before

    thanks for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

  5. i think i´ve to try - searching always for this products <3

    the cookies

  6. I love phyto! particularly the phytocane shampoo. whenever my hair starts to shed, it seriously puts an end to it!!

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