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A few weeks ago the lovely folk at Orchard Toys sent E a little package containing one of their new products for us to review. We have so many of the Orchard Toys games and puzzles in our playroom, as I think they are fantastic for encouraging children to learn through play and for nurturing their development. 

I've mentioned Orchard Toys a few times before on the blog as we have reviewed some of their games and puzzles previously. The latest one we have been sent is their Mummy & Baby 2 Piece Puzzles (£7.00). This new set is aimed at children aged 18m+ so was ideal for E, and she was thrilled to have her very own puzzles!

In the box there are six jigsaw puzzles. Each one is made up of two chunky pieces which are ideal for little hands. Each puzzle features either penguins, giraffes, bears, whales, tigers or elephants and the idea is to match the mummy puzzle piece with her baby puzzle piece.

It's been a lovely way of introducing E to jigsaw puzzles, helping her work on her matching skills and develop her fine motor skills as she connects the pieces, and it is lovely to see her beaming with pride as she completes each one. The puzzles are simple enough for her to complete independently, but she does also like to do them with Jude and show him the animals. It has also helped her to learn some new animal names, although she insists on calling the tigers "lions". We will get there in the end I'm sure! 

Like all of our Orchard Toys games and puzzles, the pieces are made out of thick, sturdy material so should be robust enough to last us through the years. These have been the perfect first puzzles for E and I'm sure your toddler would love them, too. 

What games do your children enjoy?

With thanks to Orchard Toys for sending these fun puzzles to feature.

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