Bambo Nature Blogger Event at Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens

Most readers will know that I'm a big fan of cloth nappies, what with all my fluffy spam on Instagram, and I have used reusable nappies with all three of my children. I have never been able to get my husband on board with them though, so we also use disposable nappies. There are also times when I would prefer to use disposable nappies myself, for example, when we go on holiday. I'm always keen to use products that are as environmentally friendly as possible so Bambo Nature's recent blogger event was a great chance to meet the brand, learn about the new skincare products, catch up with some familiar faces and have some fun!

Typical me I managed to get lost on the way, whoops! We arrived fashionably late and just in time for the reflexology session with Emma from Tiny Toes Reflexology. I had reflexology when I was pregnant and it was amazing, so it was interesting to see how Essie responded to her mini treatment. She really enjoyed it! Emma gave me a guidance sheet to take away with us so I have been able to carry on giving the children little reflexology massages after their baths. 

After the reflexology session we had a go at making some crafts using natural materials. I love getting crafty, so it will come as no surprise that I got stuck right in with this! Jude made a fantastic dream catcher out of twine, wood and bamboo which is now hanging proudly by our patio door. There was also some outdoor painting but Jude didn't want to have a go - which I was fine with me as he would have coated himself!

There was a photographer from Imaging Eye Photography taking photos through the day; candid shots of what we were all getting up to as well as mini photoshoots of the little ones. My children were a bit resistant to have their photo taken so I have none of Jude but I did get a few cute photos of Essie to keep! All of the photos in this post are courtesy of Imaging Eye Photography and Bambo Nature. 

After some lunch and chatting with the brand and other bloggers, it was time to head back home. Bambo Nature gave us lots of their award-winning products to try for ourselves, including nappies, pull-ups, wipes and skincare. Bambo Nature's nappies and wipes aren't just eco friendly; they have met some super strict requirements in order to Nordic Eco-labelled and FSC labelled. This means that not only does the fluff in the nappies come from sustainable forestry, but there are no optical brighteners or perfumes in them, they contain renewable raw materials and Bambo Nature also recycle 95% of all production waste. 

The nappies are really soft for a disposable brand, really flexible with stretchy side tabs, super absorbant and breathable thanks to the textile-like top and back sheet. The range is also dermatologically tested to give assurance that the products wont cause irritation or allergies, which is always a concern for us with having eczema in our family. Essie has been really comfortable in these nappies which, aside from keeping everything contained, is my top priority when choosing a nappy brand. She's constantly on the go at the moment but these nappies are thin and flexible so she's able to move freely! The nappies come in sizes 0-6 and the pull-up training pants come in sizes 5 and 6.

Bambo Nature's range of baby skincare products are made with 99% natural ingredients and a good proportion of these are also organic. There are no nasties and with the range being dermatologically tested you can feel reassured that they wont cause allergies or irritations.  The wipes and skincare products also carry the Asthma-Allergy label for extra reassurance that they wont cause eczema, irritation or allergies. We were given the Splish Splash bath oil, Love Balm soothing cream and Bath Buddy hair and body wash to try. The products are gentle and fragrance-free, so the children have been left with clean and soft skin and hair. The Love Balm is meant to be for faces and bottoms, but I have been applying it all over the children's bodies after their baths as it sinks into the skin so quickly and is great for leaving their skin feeling soft and supple. 

Bambo Nature's skincare range is so gentle and lovely that I'd recommend for all, but especially if your little one has sensitive skin or you're looking for a free-from brand to try that is also vegan and cruelty-free. It's really reasonably priced too, between £3.99 and £7.99 per product. The nappies are more expensive than most other brands but they also a much more premium product than other brands. If you're looking for a more eco friendly nappy brand or a disposable alternative to cloth nappies then these are a great choice! 

Find Bambo Nature UK on social media: @bambonatureuk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram  and find Imaging Eye photography @imagingeyephotography on Facebook @bannernatalie on Instagram.

With thanks to Bambo Nature for inviting us to their event.

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