REVIEW: Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

milton mini portable soother steriliser review

Soothers, or dummies, or pacifiers, call them what you will, they can be a godsend. One thing about them that is a total pain in the backside, however, is keeping them clean and sterilised.

With my first baby, I had about 5 dummies on the go at any one time. Why so many? Because babies tend to drop them. Often. And when they drop them you have to clean and sterilise them again. So what I did was have 5 dummies all sterilised ready to go so that when N dropped one, I already had another ready. It was still a pain having to fill the steriliser each day though.

Fast forward to my second baby, and my discovery of the Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser. As the name suggests, it’s a dinky little steriliser from trusted baby care brand Milton, which is just the right size to fit one soother.

milton mini steriliser review

The Milton Mini enables me to clean and sterilise a soother on the go. It comes with 10 mini sterilising tablets, which can also be purchased separately. I simply fill the steriliser with cold water and add a tablet.

Then inside the steriliser are two sponges, one of which has a hole. These sponges absorbs the sterilising solution, meaning you just pop the soother in, twist it to clean then wait for 15 minutes for it to be sterilised.

The solution sterilises in only 15 minutes and kills 99.9% of germs. The solution works for 24 hours, so it only needs changing once per day and can be used as many times as needed in that period. The soother can be kept in the steriliser for up to 24 hours and will remain sterile.

Milton’s sterilising solution is safe for babies (it’s the same active ingredient that's used to make water drinkable) and doesn’t leave any taste so there’s no need to rinse the soother before using, just shake off any excess fluid.

The handy velcro strap makes it easy to attach to my pram or changing bag so I don’t have to rummage around looking for a clean soother, It’s a really clever, convenient product and saves a lot of space as well as time, and gives me the reassurance of knowing that J’s soothers are germ-free.

milton mini soother steriliser review

The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser is available in three colours: blue, green and purple. It costs £6.99 and can be bought from John Lewis, Boots, Toys’r’Us and Mothercare, plus supermarkets and other online retailers.

Disclosure: I was sent the steriliser to review, however all thoughts and opinion are my own.

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