REVIEW: Freeva Cloth Nappies

Hi everyone! It’s Little N here! For the past few weeks I’ve been road-testing a new nappy; I was sent a Jungle Animals nappy from family-run company Freeva. Freeva was started in 2013 by Freya and Eva’s mum and dad, bringing us an awesome range of cloth nappies in adorable prints as well as nappy accessories such as inserts, wetbags and nappy buckets.

freeva nappy

Freeva nappies are reusable pocket cloth nappies. They have a waterproof PUL fabric layer on the outside and a soft suede cloth fabric on the inside. Between these two layers is a pocket, which is where the absorbent insert goes. Each Freeva nappy comes with a super soft microfiber insert but your mum or dad can purchase inserts made from other materials such as bamboo if you prefer. Microfiber is quite good for me during the daytime while bamboo is great at night.

freeva pocket nappy

Mama said that Freeva nappies are what are known as “birth-to-potty” or “one size fits most” nappies. The nappy has poppers on the front so she can adjust the rise as I grow. They should fit babies from 6lbs to 33lbs, literally from birth to potty training. It has soft elastic around the leg cuffs and on the waist, along with the velcro tabs this meant we were able to get an excellent fit. Very important if you want a bombproof nappy! And by bomb, I mean poo.

freeva jungle animals

Mama usually changes my nappy every 2-3 hours, and my Freeva nappy lasted about this long before needing changing too. I’ve not suffered any leaks since trialling this nappy, something mama is always nervous about when trying a new brand, and it is pretty bombproof. I love the cool pictures on this nappy, it is really fun and bright. Most of all I love how soft it feels; both the nappy outer and the insert are super snuggly. This is really important to mama to know that I am confortable in my nappies.

freeva reusable nappy

Mama says washing the nappy was simple, as with all my cloth nappies. She did a prewash before using as this gets rid of any residues left from the manufacturing process which might hinder absorbency. After use, wet nappies are washed at 40 degrees and soiled nappies at 60 degrees. My mama always does a cold rinse first, but ask someone else’s mum and she’ll have a different way of washing! Mama doesn’t tumble-dry my nappies, she line dries as she thinks this is kinder to the materials.


Freeva nappies cost from just £9.95 which mama said is really good value for money, whatever that means. If that isn’t tempting enough, you can get 5% off by using discount code QUITEFRANKLYSHESAID. There is no expiry date and you can use the code as many times as you like! Head on over to to check out their full range of wonderful nappies and accessories.

Fluffy love!

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Disclosure: I received Freeva nappy for free for review, however all thoughts and opinion remain my own. With thanks to Freeva.


  1. Great post, little N! Glad to hear that your new nappy is treating your bum well! I love the print on your little tush, very cute indeed! Isabelle loves her Freeva nappy too - I think they might be one of my new favourite brands!
    Sarah xx

  2. These cloth nappies look so adorable, I want to try them with my next baby... just really unsure about the mess!

    1. They're really not messy to deal with! I'll have to do a post about our cloth routine! Or check out Sarah's blog, she has quite a few posts about cloth nappies :) xx

  3. So cute!! I burst out laughing with the bombproof thing!
    The Beauty Break //


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