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My Dad’s girlfriend often goes abroad for work, a lot of the time she goes to New York. The last time she went I asked her if she could get one of the “I ♥ NY” tees for Baby N. I have one from when I went to New York a few years ago and adore it. Actually I have two; I got my old housemate to get me another when he went so that I had a spare. Anyway, she got him the requested tee plus some other cute clothes!

carter's baby grow us clothes haulcarter's us baby clothes haulI love NY I heart new york t shirt tee

The “I ♥ NY” tee and the grey New York tee are a few sizes up so it will be a little while before he can wear them, but the 3-piece outfit and the baby grows all fit now. They’re age 12 months and although Baby N is only 10 months he is tall for his age so he is wearing larger clothes!

I love that he has clothes that are different to other kids; in my town we only really have Next and whilst I do love their stuff, all the kids are dressed the same as we don’t have any other choice unless we drive to another town or order online. The American football details on the baby grows are adorable. I really hope Baby N is into sports when he’s older. Maybe not American football though as it looks rough and I would worry!

I’m still after a “I ♥ NY” tee, I’d like him to have a white one with black writing and red heart so he matches me. I will have to put in another order when my Dad’s girlfriend next goes to New York!


  1. These are seriously cute and cool. My son wears bigger size clothing too as hes tall for his age, xoxo.

  2. Oh so cute! My friend sent us some New York mets baby grows for Izy when she was born and they were adorable!
    Sarah xx

  3. Love the vests are they Carters? I'm obsessed with Carters baby clothes but the only place I can find them over here is in TK Maxx and they don't have a lot, I've got an I heart New York hoodie and I love it! xxxx

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    1. You can get them on Amazon but can't beat the real thing! xx

  5. So cute! This is all so exciting, I can't wait till it's my turn! haha xx

    1. Hehe it is exciting buying baby things! xx

  6. This is so pretty and cute! Especially the ones with I heart NY x

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  7. Wow, she got you some great stuff! All so cute!x


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