Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

A few weeks ago my bump buddy, Kelly, and I went on our usual monthly shopping trip to Cambridge. We were full of intentions of buying baby bits but after spending hours gossiping we came home with nothing for the babies and a few cheeky bits for us!

We were wandering about in John Lewis and Kelly mentioned she wasn’t getting on with her usual Clinique foundation. Seeing as we were in John Lewis beauty hall I said why not visit a few counters and see if they can match her up to a new foundation. The Chanel counter was our first – and final! -  port of call. I’d recently tried a little sample of Chanel Perfection Lumiere and loved it, but the Chanel lady explained that was a medium-heavy coverage foundation and as Kelly was after something light she suggested Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. She said it was a light coverage foundation that she felt was between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser. 

She found the shade to match Kelly’s skintone and tested a patch near her ear; the colour was perfect and the coverage so light, it looked fab. So I asked the Chanel lady to match me up too! I turned out to be shade 40. I don’t often wear foundation, usually only if my skin is looking a bit grotty or if I am going on a night out, but when I do use it I like a light coverage. I think it looks dreadful when you can tell someone is wearing foundation. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua evens out my skintone but doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing mask. It just makes me look like I naturally have lovely skin! It’s long lasting too; I wore it when I went to a friend’s BBQ and it was still perfect when I got home which must have been a good 10 hours wear on a very warm day. 

What made it even better was that John Lewis had a 10% off day so I got it for £27.90 instead of £31.00 and then the Chanel lady gave us each a cute miniature Intense Radiance Lipgloss in 166 Amour – a juicy watermelon shade with a hint of shimmer – as well as a moisturiser sample.  I was given Hydra Beauty Gel Creme as my skin is crazy combination at the moment. I never know what it’s going to do from one day to the next!


  1. I love Chanel Vital lumiere aqua its my HG foundation! totally agree with you, its nice and light :) love the colour of that lip gloss! :)

    1. I think it might be mine now also, it's amazing! xx

  2. Love the Vitalumiere aqua too! It's so beautifying and yet looking natural.
    Also, congratulations on the big news!! How far along are you? You must be over the moon. :) xx

    1. Oh yes it absolutely is! Ahh thank you hun, I am 19 weeks today and so so happy :):) xx

  3. I love vitalumiere aqua. I'm still using a sample I got, but will buy it sometime soon.

    Btw, lovely blog. I'm following you now! Would you like to stop by and follow my blog as well?


  4. That lipgloss is so cute and dinky! I never get samples when I purchase something from Chanel. My local counter keeps them locked away lol

    New follwer :)


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