JolieBox - March Beauty Box

A beauty box with ENTIRELY full-sized products? No way! Really?! Yes really! The March beauty box from JolieBox (now called Birchbox) genuinely does contain four full-sized products! I know, unheard of! 

First up is a 200ml tube of Yardley Peony Luxury Body Wash. I don’t know – isn’t Yardley a brand that your Nan buys in Boots?! It smells gorgeous though, I’m really loving floral scents at the moment so I’m happy enough, though I imagine there may be some grumbles from other subscribers.

Next is the product I am most excited about: Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm. This 75ml tube contains a totally versatile balm that can be used on your face, hair and body. You can apply it to your face with a cotton pad to remove make up; you can apply to the ends of your hair as a rinse-off hair treatment; and you can apply to damp skin as a moisturising treat – but you need to rinse it off. Intriguing eh! The writing is really tiny, but it looks like it contains safflower , sesame, jojoba and shea seed oils. As you can imagine it’s got that all-natural, slightly herbal kind of smell. I’m super excited to try this out and will report back!

A familiar sight among the various beauty box brands, the third product is a Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Powder Pink. I probably wouldn’t use a shade like this as eyeliner, but I’d use it in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them and make me look a bit more awake. I have a similar product from Benefit that I use in this way and it does work!

The final product is a LCN nail polish from the Free Your Mind 2012 collection. I can’t see on the bottle what shade this is, but it is a super pale pastel blue-grey with a gorgeous blue-green shimmer running through it. It’s really pretty and a perfect spring shade. There are four shades in the collection so I’m interested to see what shade other subscribers received.

Often in these beauty boxes you get a brucey bonus and this box is no exception; they have included a little compact mirror. There’s not much you can say about a mirror, but it’s certainly useful! There is also a copy of the new JolieMag which features an interview with Therese, the Director at JolieBox UK, a guide on how to do a home manicure, shopping tips and product reviews. There’s also a little card with a 20% discount code for Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery!

All in all I think this is another great box from JolieBox. Their boxes are consistently good and always absolutely fall in love with at least one of the products (I think it will be the Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm this time)! 


  1. This might be really immature but it always makes me giggle a little bit when I see 'douche' on things... now that douchebag is such a popular saying.

    I can hear my mum telling me off for writing douchebag in someone else's comments and now I've done it twice so I'm sorry about that. The Davines stuff sounds cool, interested to see how it compares to 8 hour cream as that's my trusty fixer balm. xx

    1. I was scratching my head thinking "did I write douche?" then I realised it was the body wash haha! I love 8 hour cream too xx


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