Feel Unique - October's Beauty Box

My first ever Feel Unique Beauty Box arrived yesterday and I friggin love it! You’ll know from my blogpost last month that I am a subscriber to Boudoir Prive, but whilst I like trying new products Boudoir Prive’s brands are mostly ones that I have never ever heard of. I’m a regular shopper on Feel Unique so I was fairly confident that I would recognise – and love - the brands in their boxes.

The Feel Unique Beauty Box is black with a purple font; pull the purple ribbon tab to slide the box open and reveal the 6 fabulous “Pre-Winter Warmers” inside – 1 full size product, 4 deluxe sized samples and a perfume sample. Also included is an information card which also includes a 10% discount off this month’s brands.


Sod everything else in the box – I’m already happy just with this! I always have to blow-dry my hair as I have Raccoon hair extensions and the bonds soften if they’re left wet, so this is an ideal product for me. The Blow Out Balm says it “gives a smooth, glossy, frizz free finish without sacrificing natural fullness.” I used it today when blow-drying my hair which is halfway down my back and thickened with the extensions. I used about a teaspoon worth of product and it did give me a very smooth finish. Not quite as glossy as I was expecting but good enough for me to consider purchasing this in the future. It also smells amazing; all day I’ve been getting whiffs as my hair moves.  “What’s that amazing smell? Oh, it’s my hair!”

CAUDALIE VINEXPERT RADIANCE DAY FLUID SPF10 10ml – Feel Unique’s price £30.60 for 30ml

I’m already familiar with idea behind vinotherapie and had heard of the brand Caudalie from my time working at SpaFinder but I’ve not actually ever experienced it or tried any of their products. I’m excited about this one as the sun seems to have finally bid farewell so my skin will need a little boost as we head to the colder months. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger so a little protection from any potential wrinkles waiting to strike is getting necessary.

BLISS FABULOUS FOAMING FACE WASH 60ml – Feel Unique’s price £18.40 for 197ml

Another spa brand! I couldn’t wait to try this fresh looking 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator, so I gave it a whirl this morning! It feels like it has tiny, weeny little bits in it but not the kind that could do any serious scrubbing. I mean I’m not a fan of exfoliators that feel like you’re rubbing your face against a boulder but I if I didn’t already know that this had “bits” in it then I would never had noticed them. That said, it’s a nice cleanser, and it smells like Calpol (who doesn’t like Calpol!) so I’ll keep using it. If someone was to buy it for me I wouldn’t turn my nose up, but I won’t be going out of my way to buy it myself.


I adore Crabtree & Evelyn stuff so I was super pleased to see this in the box especially as now it’s getting colder I’ll soon start suffering from “granny hands”, which is when the combination of central heating and cold weather make my hands go all dry and wrinkly. Attractive! It’s a very lightweight cream and hasn’t left my hands feeling at all greasy. It smells great, they say it smells of “sea air accords” and that sums it up perfectly. It’s got spider lily, night-blooming jasmine and I swear it has salt in it, I defo detect a salty tang. LOVE.

ORLY NAIL LACQUER 5.3ml – Feel Unique’s price £8.75 for 18ml

Another blast from the past – Orly was my brand of choice during my nail techie training days. Lately I’ve developed a bit of love for Nails Inc but I’m so glad to be reacquainted as it’s reminded me just how fantastic Orly is. I miss the gripper caps, and no base coat can beat Orly’s Bonder in my opinion. I received the shade “Green with Envy” which is delicious. I would never have picked this shade off the shelf but I love it on my nails. It’s glossy green (obviously) but has a bit of a blue hue. My boyfriend has told me that it is like marble green. Feel Unique’s website seems to have this shade as neon green on the drop down options which is a shame as it will put people off buying what is actually a gorgeous colour.

BURBERRY BODY EDP 2ml – Feel Unique’s price £45.00 for 35ml / £55.00 for 60ml / £75.00 for 85ml

I feel a bit sorry for Burberry as everyone still hears “Burberry” and thinks “chav” which is a shame for such a fab British brand. I’ve never been attracted to Burberry fragrances but this is actually quite nice. It’s very feminine and I imagine it being worn by a career girl; someone in their mid to late twenties who is loving life. It has top notes of green absinthe, peach and freesia, middle notes of rose absolute, iris and sandalwood and base notes of cashmeran, vanilla, amber and musk. When I first smell this perfume it really reminds me of my childhood; my mum used to wear Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden and I’m wondering if they are similar...

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m pretty impressed with this Beauty Box and I’m a little gutted I didn’t realise sooner that Feel Unique were doing one. I buy from there all the time so I don’t know how I missed it; possibly because I always know exactly what I want and never actually browse! At £9.95 per month it's fantastic value for money and a great way of trying out new products. I’m certainly going to continue with my subscription and am already looking forward to next month. 

What do you think of the Feel Unique Beauty Box?


  1. i loved my box and im sorry i didnt know about it sooner too. the tigi stuff has made my hair so soft, and no heavy feeling to it at all. im going to use the great box for bits and bobs too.x

  2. I love my box too. :)
    Does your cadalie also feel empty? I've read about other subscribers complaint about that...


  3. @sparkle the boxes are fab for storage!

    @Alex I didn't notice that it felt empty, that's a shame if yours does :(

    x x

  4. I loved the box too, great post x

  5. I never thought I could like a Burberry fragrance but this one actually smells great!

  6. @Beauty Balm I love it, I'm defo going to keep my subscription going :)

    @G A B Y snap!

    x x

  7. This looks great! I want one! I'm seriously thinking about signing up to Boudoir prive now :) xx


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